a preview

Life and work have been getting in the way of writing reviews lately, so I thought I’d share an update of what’s coming up ….


So far, I’ve only read through the bottom three (plus another Charles Williams: Nothing In Her Way). Bishop’s Eyes of Fire inspired an extended return to the Book of Genesis. Harrison’s Captive Universe is interesting, but maybe not at the level of his Make Room, Make Room. In order for me to say anything about Quarry’s List, I’ll have to reveal the ending of its predecessor Quarry — this sequel successfully enriches the main character, but maybe not the world he lives in.

Anyway, in the coming weeks I’ll have more to say about all of these. As always, comments are appreciated.


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former academic scientist and presently a software engineer. Also, a science fiction and crime fiction book-blogger.
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  1. fredfitch says:

    I’ve read two of these. I’ll chime in. Been struggling with that life thing myself. I believe that’s trending now.

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