Reviews by Author

This index is separated into two parts: Reviews and Miniature Reviews. Reviews are mostly entire blog posts (some quite long) dedicated to a published work. There are a few longer multipart reviews with a separate link for each part. Miniature Reviews (bottom section) are much shorter.

There are also links to author-specific posts, which are lists of one-or-two sentence comments for a variety of books (not listed individually here).


Aldiss, Brian (tribute list here)

Allingham, Margery

Anderson, Poul

Ardai, Charles

Bishop, Michael

Bloch, Robert

Block, Lawrence

Bova, Ben

Boyd, John

Bruen, Ken

  • Bust (2006, with Jason Starr)
  • Slide (2007, with Jason Starr)

Brunner, John

Collins, Max Allan

Crichton, Michael

Dick, Philip K.

Dickson, Gordon

Dodge, David

Dos Passos, John

Effinger, George Alec

Farmer, Philip José

Guthrie, Allan

Heinlein, Robert A.

Herbert, Frank

Hogan, James P.

Kelly, James Patrick

Kipling, Rudyard

Leiber, Fritz

Marshall, William

McBain, Ed

Neville, Kris

Parker, Robert Bogardus

Rabe, Peter

Roshwald, Mordecai

Schow, David

Shubin, Seymour

Silverberg, Robert

Simak, Clifford D.

Sleator, William (primer here)

Spillane, Mickey

Stapledon, Olaf

Styron, William

Thackeray, William

Vance, Jack

Vidal, Gore

Wells, H.G.

Westlake, Donald (including the Richard Stark books)

Williams, Charles (US)

Zelazny, Roger

Miniature Reviews

These link to posts where a listed book has a paragraph or so dedicated to it. If the author is of a special interest (e.g. Butler or Westlake), I may return to the title some day and write more about it.

Atwood, Russell

Bayley, Barrington J.

Block, Lawrence

Boyd, Daniel

Butler, Octavia

Cabell, James Branch

Cain, James M.

Clarke, Arthur C.

Farmer, Philip José

Foster, Alan Dean

Gladwell, Malcolm

Heinlein, Robert A.

Knight, Phil

London, Jack

Niven, Larry

Norton, Andre

Pohl, Frederik

Silverberg, Robert

Stableford, Brian

Wellman, Manly Wade

Westlake, Donald (including Richard Stark)