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Whisper, by William Marshall

William Marshall, a rather obscure Australian mystery author, is one of those writers whose books follow the same formula, on the strength that that formula is unlike anyone else’s. As this post suggests, his police procedurals resemble a spinning plates … Continue reading

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Inherit the Stars, by James P. Hogan

The sub-genre of “Hard” SF (roughly, fiction built on the foundation of carefully extrapolated science ideas) never went away after its inception as Hugo Gernsback’s Ralph 124C 41+ in 1911, but it certainly had its down periods. The most recent was probably … Continue reading

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Skulduggery, by William Marshall

Skeletons washing ashore make for intriguing mysteries: they have a story to tell, but the truth of their origins are a cloudy mixture of time, culture and circumstance. The bodies of fishermen found in Japan indicate desperate searches for food … Continue reading

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